Additional deposit charges

Consumer deposit reflecting on Municipal accounts:

The Auditor General has advised the Municipality that the consumer deposits held by the Municipality is not in line with statutory prescriptions.
As a result Council has adopted a revised Deposit Policy on 29 May 2018.
All consumer deposits will be brought in line with prescriptions.
This means that deposits will be aligned to the average monthly bill to a minimum of R2,600 deposit.
The Municipality is doing the adjustment over an extended period in order not to cause a big burden on consumers as a lump sum.


Terugvoering soos ontvang van Madibeng. Brigadier Emmanuel, van Brits SAPS het bevestig het dat ‘n saak nou geopen gaan word teen die opstokers wat Madibeng verhoed om vullis te verwyder en dat daar more onder polisiebegeleiding ‘n skoonmaak sessie in Brits sal wees om waters te toets. As alles goed gaan sal die normale vullisverwydering van volgende week af hervat word. Ek het voorgestel dat indien alles teen Maandag nog nie uitgesorteer is nie, daar skips by die munisipale kantore in Hartbeespoort beskikbaar gestel moet word vir inwoners se huisvullis.

Feedback received from Madibeng. Brigadier Emmanuel, of Brits SAPS, confirmed that a case would now be opened against the people who prevent Madibeng from removing garbage and that there will be a cleaning session in Brits to test waters tomorrow under police guidance. If all goes well, the normal rubbish removal will be resumed next week. I suggested that if everything had not been sorted out by Monday, skips at the Hartbeespoort municipal offices should be made available to residents’ refuse.

Water Issues – Schoemansville Reservoir – 2019 01 29

Maritza Du Plessis, [29.01.19 08:14]
Inligting ontvang van Madibeng bestuurder:
The quality is affected by the high levels of algae. The dosing of Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) helps to deal this the smell and taste. Our dosing system is faulty and the technicians are currently working on it.
If all goes well they will be done by end of the day.

Maritza Du Plessis, [29.01.19 08:14]
Ek sal situasie monitor en weer opvolg indien nodig

Maritza Du Plessis, [29.01.19 13:11]
Madibeng gaan ook nou ‘n monster neem en laat toets

Schoemansville Reservoir Overflowing feedback 14 January 2019

We received the following feedback from Madibeng when asking if the reservoir is monitored to prevent overflowing

Good day and noted.

Yes it is and we apologize 4 any inconvenience caused.

From the plant side it’s impossible to monitor the reservoir levels as telemetry is not working but I forwarded ur msg 2 my superiors 2 involve network team 2 do daily physical inspections on the levels as they work on a permanent solutions.

Our apologies

Refuse Collection – 08 January 2019

Ons het pas met Kontrakteur bevestig tov vullisverwydering. Hulle was gister en vandag besig in Hartbeespoort(Wyk 30 en 33) en van volgende week af hervat hulle die normale skedule.

We have just confirmed with the contractor that they busy yesterday and toady with collecting backlog in Hartbeespoort (Ward 30 & 33) and will return to their normal schedule next week.

WATER SUPPLY INTERRUPTION – 2nd to 4th October 2018


The municipality hereby informs residents about a possible water supply interruptions at the areas supplied from both the Brits and Hartbeespoort Water Treatment Plants.

The municipality will perform partial plant shutdown at both facilities to carry out maintenance work.

The maintenance work at the Brits Plant will take place on 02nd and 3rd October 2018 from 07H00


The interruption is expected to last at least for a period of 72 hours.

The maintenance work at the Hartbeespoort Plant will take place 04 October 2018.

The interruption is expected to last for a period of 24 hours.

NB: The municipality appeals to all residents to heed of the prevailing situation and use water very sparingly and store it.

During this period filling of swimming pools, watering gardens, washing cars and pathways using hose pipes is prohibited.

Water tankers have been arranged to distribute potable water accordingly.

The municipality would like to sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that may arise as an result of the interruption.